52 275 908,68
The total amount of profitability of the project
The total number of agreements with attracted investors
8 085 061,11
Total amount of paid % under investment agreements
Public charging stations online
9 468 487
kW were transferred to EVs
1 222 509
EVs have been сharged

What are we?

To date, IONITY is the largest charging stations deployment and management investment project in Ukraine

IONITY's mission is to merge private and public investors, site owners and charging station owners throughout Ukraine to create common high-quality EVs’ charging services standards together with raising revenue for all above

How do we work?

Station location

To install a charging station our experts carefully examine each potential site and find the most efficient way to accommodate it together with optimizing costs

Equipment and components purchase

Each produced in Ukraine charging station, which is optimal for the Ukrainian market, is subjected to quality control and compliance with European, American and Ukrainian standards
by IONITY specialists

Charging stations installation

Our specialists will carry out a qualitative charging station installation and provide test charging sessions for all available EV`s models on the Ukrainian market, including
the most demanding

Charging station price determination

Our platform will allow you to set the optimal charging tariff for the consumer using our experience and your wishes


Real-time service (24/7)

Charging station promotion

Basing on our experience, we implement an efficient and well-defined package to promote the charging station among tens of thousands of EV`s vehicle owners

What do we offer to partners?

You provide sites for
charging stations

  • Charging station installation at our expense
  • Control and round-the-clock monitoring of the charging station operation
  • Installation and start-up work at our expense
  • Charging station service and network connection
  • Technical and software support 24/7

Full compensation for electricity consumed
Fixed fee payment for each consumed kW depending on charging station location and its capacity

You invest in the purchase of a
charging station

  • Charging station individual selection and priority delivery
  • Charging station installation at Your expense
  • Installation and start-up work at Your expense
  • Control and round-the-clock monitoring of the charging station operation
  • Technical and software support 24/7
  • Service

Fixed payment in favor of IONITY for each consumed kW

What do we offer investors?

We involve everyone interested in developing EVs` charging stations network in Ukraine by participating in the IONITY investment project

The investment project manager in charge will be IONITY team possessing a unique experience in design, management, maintenance and control of the charging stations network quality and pricing

Fund raising and
profit model

  • 1) the investor joins the project on a contractual basis and transfers funds to participate in the project, or
  • 2) the owner of the charging station joins to the project by investing his existing equipment (you can see more in the informational video next to this text)
  • Fixed profit of 18% share per annum is paid to an investor every month

Why it has to be IONITY?

  • we try to be as transparent as possible when covering project information
  • we do not attract credit and use equity in a sufficiently large proportion
  • we raise as much money as it is necessary for the project dynamic development without the purpose of getting profit from raising the funds themselves. Funds raised as investments do not form a revenue and therefore a profitable part of the project
  • we offer a simple and fast investment return in case of such decision
  • Investors’ profit comes from the entire network operation and doesn’t depend on a single station operation that all together minimizes risks
  • You do not care about locating, contracting and servicing, and do not bear any associated installation and assembling costs for charging stations

Where to find us?

24/7 technical support
т. +38 095 200 7 002
For investment
т. +38 095 13 000 13
For charging stations installation
т. +38 095 43 000 43
e. CustomerService@ionity.ua
w. www.ionity.ua
Ukraine, 01133, Kyiv, Yevhena Konovaletsa (Shchorsa) street, building 36D